A few weeks ago, I made a photo shoot at the Louvre for jewelry designer Kathleen Bellonde with the photographer Virginie Tarin. I take advantage of this opportunity to say a word about my preference for small designers, rather than for big brands.

Four good reasons to favour small designers over big brands

Unique jewels

The most obvious reason for me is the joy of wearing jewellery made in small copies. I can therefore be sure to wear something original that is not worn by everyone.

Quality pieces

Moreover, I really like the idea of knowing that these jewels were made by talented little hands of designers who often work alone and take a lot of time and care in creating a piece, rather than by machines or a chain of people, which removes the sentimental dimension from the jewelry.

Supporting the local economy

It also helps to support a local economy and to feel more responsible by preserving the country’s employment.

More pleasant and ecological

Here the remark is very personal but I prefer to go to the shop to discover new jewellery rather than look on the internet and have something delivered from the other side of the planet, it helps to reduce the ecological footprint. And besides, it’s much more pleasant to stroll through the alleys and stop in front of small shops, even if it’s just to look.
There are therefore many good reasons to favour small creators, who have great talent.

I will finish this article by encouraging you to look for small creators rather than buying what you see all the time on billboards or on Instagram ads. You will be surprised to see how easy it is to find them (in big cities, of course), and how pleasant it is to explore the city searching for a unique and quality jewel, which is not necessarily more expensive by the way.

I’m reminding you that this article is only my point of view. And you, what do you think? Don’t hesitate to share the names of small creators you like, I would be delighted to discover them and curious to see what they do! 🙂


Photo credits: Virgine Tarin