With one year of the blog ringing, it was time to take stock of the articles you liked the most! Back on the top 10 of my blog articles, whether they are the ones I wrote in India, in Thailand, at the ethical fashion week in Berlin or during my everyday life in Paris. Click on the photo to read the article. Enjoy!

Ethical Fashion Articles

The article in which I tell you about my first modeling experience. It was an ethical fashion show organized at Les Grands Voisins in Paris, which aimed to promote ethical fashion by showing all the designers of the place.

I explain how and why I decided to sort through my wardrobe. I also wrote about what I think about minimalism and a zero waste lifestyle.

Berlin’s ethical fashion week is held twice a year. I went there for the July session and I was blown away! Great meetings with designers and ethical fashion influencers from all over the world.

It was one of the first designer interviews I did and you really liked it. I’m taking you to Thailand to meet a remarkable designer!

Natural cosmetic articles

Few people take the time to decipher the label of a cosmetic product, and understand its composition! In this article, I give you advice on how to get there quickly and efficiently, so that you don’t fall for marketing strategies.


During my trip to India, I discovered Ayurveda, which is the medicinal technique of ancient India. I explain to you this art of living which allows a natural path towards physical and mental well-being, while advising you on certain Ayurvedic brands.

Varnish is the worst cosmetic for endocrine disrupters. Fortunately, a recent study was conducted to determine which varnish brands are the most natural.

Lifestyle articles

We often do not know where to start when we are interested in ethical fashion. I have therefore presented three initiatives to you to make this clearer.

Also during my trip to India, I met an atypical woman. Meerabai had the project to help women in her village to become financially independent by setting up a cooperative. When I read that article again, it makes me want to go back!

A precious help to guide you through ethical fashion! It is an online platform that aims to reference all the good addresses, creators, events that are part of responsible consumption.

These were the article you preferred during my first year of the blog. You are more and more following my adverstures through the blog and I can’t thank you enough ! 😀

See you soon,