The Slow Design and Fashion Days event takes place once a year in Geneva. It was an opportunity for me to discover ethical fashion designers (mostly Swiss), make new contacts, and see the fashion show of the designers’ new collections.

Creators’ vision of ethical fashion

Creators and ethical fashion

At first I had a lot of discussions with the creators. We discussed our vision of ethical fashion because it can be slightly different from one person to another. For some it is the use of environmentally friendly materials and low-cost energy production, for others it can be summed up as a handmade and entirely manufactured in the country. For my part, I seek to promote all initiatives in favour of people and the environment. Some of the brands shown below are not 100% ecological or 100% made in Switzerland, but their approach to more ethical fashion is remarkable. So here are a few stands that I liked the most.

The list of creators

Among the creators present, I spotted some brands that I liked very much:

♦ The queen of pom-pom’ s
Beyond Bags
Positive colors
♦ Pamboo
Complete list on the event website.

The Ethical Fashion Show

Then we took our place for the parade

The opening speech was moving: two creators from indigenous peoples told us of their attachment to their tribe and Mother Earth. That’s why their creations were made exclusively from natural materials. They have asked consumers we are to pay more attention to Mother Earth by establishing a new relationship with the clothes we wear, because the materials originally belong to the Earth.

This was followed by the launch of the parade. The clothes highlighted by superb models have all been selected for their ethical dimension. I’ll let you look at the pictures of my favorite pieces.

I hope you enjoyed the article! See you soon to discover new ethical fashion designers.