Happy birthday to Lucyness!

It’s been a year since I created my blog. I still remember it as if it was yesterday (it wasn’t so long ago, you might say).

At the beginning of the blog

I had the idea to start my blog when I was in a gap year in Thailand. If I had to summarize Lucyness today with you, I would say that it is first of all the people I have met. It is rather curious to think that the meetings forge a destiny. I discovered creators who paid attention to the quality of their materials, craftsmen who minimized their ecological impact, workers who took care to perpetuate jobs in villages in extinction… I discovered all these beautiful initiatives and I thought that it was not normal that they should always remain in the shadow of the big brands that we find on billboards. It is from there that I decided to highlight these beautiful initiatives by creating my blog, and focus it only on these people, who work hard to do what they think is right.

Back in Paris, I got involved in the ecosystem of ethical fashion and met committed people who fought for their ideals and worked to make a difference. That’s why I created Lucyness, and I’m glad I did it.

My rather difficult beginnings

I had rather difficult beginnings. It took at least two months until Lucyness was born. I had a difficult start because I didn’t have all the necessary equipment at first. I wanted to create my blog on a paid platform but didn’t have much money to spend. Then I had to make some codings on a Thai computer, and I can tell you that it is not easy to read codings, but even less in Thai. But, armed with google translation and perseverance, I managed to achieve my goals. It wasn’t perfect but it was finally there, my little blog that I had so much trouble creating.

High and low throughout the year

During this year as a blogger, I had tops and battles. I had moments when I didn’t know in which direction to go, when I felt overwhelmed by work, when I felt that I didn’t have enough views by articles… But what I want to remember is all the positive that I got from the blog. My greatest happiness is the people I met. Whether they are creators of a brand or a concept, actors involved in ethical fashion, my readers… I have always felt the joy of sharing on this subject, and it brings me a lot!

Thanks to all of you

All I want to say today is a big thank you!

Thank you to all those who helped me design my blog, whether it was for technical choices or image editing;

Thanks to my relatives who often help me to proofread my articles to watch out for any spelling mistakes (they will recognize themselves);

Thank you to my English friends who advise me on a sentence turn of phrase when I translate my articles into English;

Thank you to all my collaborators who trust and support me;

A big thank you to my collaborator Elodie Santos, who helps me in… everything 😉 be it the visual of my articles, the form of my blog, the publication on my social networks. She is always there to advise me on a communication strategy or an upcoming project, to comfort me when I am not happy with myself, to help me improve… I’m very fortunate to have her and I can’t say how happy I am about it.

And finally, a big thank you to all of you, dear readers! The Lucyness community is growing every day and I’m very happy to be able to pass on my passion for ethical fashion to you, to exchange with you on this subject (you’re more talkative about it on instagram or twitter than on my blog, but it’s coming;)) and to learn more thanks to you. Lucyness’s adventures have just begun and I hope that we will continue to progress together along the ethical fashion path for a long time to come.

See you soon!