This is without a doubt my biggest crush in Thailand: a designer making both sexy and comfortable clothes, while respecting man and environment. It is a challenge to revisit the Thai traditional materials to match the taste of the modern fashion world. I find it all the more remarkable when the purpose of this work is to preserve traditional craft-skills of women in remote villages of Thailand, and use ecological materials. Her collection is simple, elegant, comfortable and ecological. In short, Parissara has it all.

The material

Parissara uses only 100% silk and 100% cotton. It is important to her to use only natural material. The fabric made out of rough silk didn’t pass any process. The cotton fabric is hand-woven, dyed fifteen times and finished with banana rubber so the colour stays much longer. The colour used are vanilla, indigo and white. In the futur, Parissara is thinking about using other natural materials, which can last long, are easy to wear and are comfortable.

The word of the creator

“Parissara is a Thai label that’s proud of its roots, using traditional, hand-woven fabric to create contemporary design, aesthetics inspired by our natural surroundings. We recently have been featured in BK Magazine as a new trendy Thai brand.

Our promise is our care for both producers and customers, each of us contributing towards an enduring legacy. The hand-woven fabric we use embodies traditional Thai qualities in its texture and pattern. Inspiration from the surrounding nature is reflected by the variety and composition of color and design.

Parissara is a brand that allows you to be true to yourself, stay original, and keep close to home. For every time, every place, every style, we provide elegance and comfort. We want our clothes to be comfortable sexy for women. Imagine how you see your girlfriend in your favorite shirt? That is how we want our looks and feels to be”.

Our 1st Collection: ORIGIN

Fluidity, grace and softness define our Origin collection,
made from hand-woven natural fabric.
Our first collection complements contemporary living.
A taste of home that is ready to travel.
To hint at yesterday and ride fearlessly into the future.

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