It is with great pleasure that I present you JOSÉ, an ethical brand of handmade sweaters and 100% alpaca wool. You might as well know that these sweaters are a marvel!

The JOSÉ ethical brand bases its manufacturing of sweaters on sharing with others

The beginnings of the JOSÉ ethical brand project

Julien and Amélie, co-founders of the JOSÉ brand, were not originally from the fashion world. They had a crush on this sweater in a market in Bolivia, and decided to create this project together.

An ethical project based on sharing with others

Sharing is the main word reflected in their project since the artisans plunged the two entrepreneurs into the fashion world that was still unknown to them. “It is this meeting with our artisans that we want to highlight, the richness of this sharing” explained Amélie.

Why did you choose José’s name for this ethical brand?

José is their explorer. To date, he is 10,000 km from Paris but tomorrow it will leave elsewhere and the distance will then evolve according to the destination.

JOSÉ sweaters are handmade in workshops in Bolivia

Amélie and Julien have taken great pride in perpetuating the ancestral know-how of Bolivian craftsmen and paying them fairly and equitably. The workshops are based in the North of La Paz.

As soon as you have the sweater in your hands you can notice a high quality work. I have a lot of admiration for these craftsmen who work with precision. Their expertise is remarkable and it is important to perpetuate it. When I wear a JOSÉ sweater, I like to keep in mind that it represents an entire day of work for a craftsman in La Paz, it makes me want to take even more care of it.

These ethical sweaters are made of 100% alpaca wool.

My first impression on these sweaters was their incredible softness. The alpaca is an animal that lives on the Bolivian highlands.

Alpaca wool is known for its soft, warm, resistant properties that let the skin breathe. Before being sent to JOSÉ’s workshops, the wool is spun at COPROCA, one of the best wool suppliers in South America.

Photo shooting with the ethical brand of sweater JOSÉ

Here is the shooting I did with the brand’s sweaters! What color is your favorite one?


Their sweaters are available on the e-shop of their website.

Phone: 0660333084

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