Have you ever heard of having a minimalist wardrobe? It’s the French minimalist, feminist and green blogger from unpeubocauxalafolie.com who made me understand what a minimalist wardrobe is and how to have one.

What does minimalism mean?

It is generally known as a way of going back to the simple things in life. There is a desire to free yourself from everything that is not necessary. Concerning the wardrobe, it is seen as a “zero waste” logic.

The “zero waste” logic

This logic is based on four principles: refuse what you don’t need, reduce what you need, reuse, recycle, compost the rest.


Refuse the fast fashion brands, compulsive shopping, advertisement, which are contrary to the zero waste logic


Reduce your consumption. Think twice when you want to buy something, prefer quality over quantity, buy handmade products etc.


Have a look at your mother or grandmother’s wardrobe, maybe you will find nice clothes which are fashionable again, or make new clothes out of it them. Don’t forget to have a look at the shared wardrobes of your city.


There are many things you can create from old clothes. For example, you can make tawashi sponges from old socks.

Tips to sort out your clothes

You have to ask yourselves a few questions to sort out your clothes and put away what is unecessary :

♦ Is this item of clothing in a good shape?
♦ Do I wear it often?
♦ Do I have several samples of it?
♦ Can I sort it with at least three other outfits?
♦ Could the space it takes be used for something else?

I know it can sound hard to get rid of some clothes you were attached to. But try to think about your reasons for doing so and I assure you, you will feel much better once you have done it.

What do you do with the things you don’t want anymore?

As for the clothes which are in a good shape you can sell them on websites, a flea market, or just give them to your friends.
For the others that can’t be worn anymore, you can give them to organisation which can use them to make insulation, or reuse them for something else.

A few numbers that made me think…

Wetypically only wear 30% of our wardrobe
195000 tonnes of clothes have already been reused

So I decided to do my own minimalist wardrobe

I thought the change of season the right time to sort out my closet. I was surprised to have no problem of getting rid of my clothes, I must say I feel better now I have less clothes. I feel lighter, it’s easier to know what I want to wear and I take better care of the clothes I have left. I made some money selling my clothes for low prices and do not regret selling them at all.
Even though I don’t consider myself have having a total minimalistic lifestyle, it is important to me to be conscious about what I consume and the way I consume it. I try to reduce what I need and what I use, without it being too tiresome.

If you want more information about how to have a minimalist lifestyle, I recommend you visit Emilie’s blog unpeubocauxalafolie.com!