Elephas is a brand of ethical luxury cosmetics. In Latin, Elephas means elephant. In addition to being good for your body, the purchase of Elephas soaps has a positive impact on local communities in Burkina Faso and the natural habitat of elephants.

An ethical luxury brand that makes good cosmetics for your body

Elephas soap

The soap manufactured by Elephas is vegan, composed of local shea butter and enriched with baobab and desert date tree oils. Very soft, it can be used on the face as well as on the body on a daily basis. Rich in natural and quality ingredients, the skin is sublimated, nourished and protected from external aggressions.

Eco-responsible beauty

Their care products do not contain ingredients that are harmful to humans or the environment. In addition, their packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. What else to ask for?

A solidarity-based company that works for the empowerment of women in Burkina Faso

Beyond doing good to your skin, it supports women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment. Elephas works directly with the women’s group (La Fédération Nununa) in Burkina Faso.

The purchase of Elephas products contributes to the conservation of natural habitats of elephants

The elephant is a threatened animal. Elephas helps to protect it by taking their ingredients in territories that work for its protection. “The shea butter of our soap, for example, comes from a region in Burkina Faso where women and elephants share a capital territory. A natural corridor is crucial to preserve so that animals can move from one nature reserve to another. The shea seeds harvested here allow African women to produce shea butter and have a stable source of income. They thus become motivated to defend this habitat for elephants. Shea trees help preserve this area of great importance to both parties.

Concretely, what does Elephas change?

There are always pessimists who think that one soap more or less can’t make a difference. Know that concretely, if you buy a soap, you contribute to offer a meal to a street child in Ouagadougou going to school and to give 1 kg of cereal to a woman in the group.

Connected Beauties, a Social Enterprise

Elephas is part of Connected Beauties Social Enterprise, which commits to donate at least 50% of its profits to development projects, environmental preservation and communities through the Net Positive Impact program.

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