Here comes the sun! Yes, summer is almost here in Europe and we are all getting excited about it. It is time to put on our new pair of sunglasses, put some sunscreen on and… choose a bikini of course! And what else could be better than a bikini which is fashionable, soft, comfortable and on top eco-responsible?

I will present you here the brand of eco-responsible bikinis named Transcend Wear, made by the ravishing actress and model Jocelyn Sandstrom and her husband Anthony.

An eco-responsible bikini

This husband and wife team recently created Transcend Wear, an eco-responsible brand of bikinis made for women who are looking foreward to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle without sacrificing the quality and esthetics they appreciate.

All their bikinis are made from regenerated fishing nets, carpets and other nylon waste. The leading technology Econyl  recycles these harmful materials which used to trap and kill marine animals and damage the oceans, and makes a material of great quality out of it. Hence, these bikinis are eco-friendly, and I can only support them in this beautiful project they have.

The design

The design of their bikinis has been carefully studied in order to suit perfectly every woman’s curves. As Jocelyn says: “I have so many bikinis, but they never fit as perfectly as I would like, so when it came to designing the collection I wanted to make sure it was flattering for women. Especially with strapless bikinis – it’s very hard to find a strapless piece that holds everything in place!”.

You can chose between a brazilian cut or a moderate coverage according to what suits your body best, and they can be reversible as well.

Find out more about their campaign on their kickstarter.

Their bikinis are available on their website, they ship worldwide. In addition, they will donate proceeds from every sale to their school Moonlight Foundation Nepal.

In short, with Transcend Wear bikinis, you will have a superb look, but you will also be helping the planet and children on top.