Good morning everyone!

After a few weeks of exams and part time work, I am back on the blog! It is with great enthusiasm that I present to you today Dream Act, a platform I have discovered in December with which we organized a contest on my social networks. In my opinion, the Dream Act is a very effective guide to responsible consumption. It’s a gold mine to discover good addresses in Paris and new ethical creators from all over France! The platform is also full of advices and ideas to make our daily life greener without it being binding. In short, I strongly recommend that you visit their website or social networks.

The interview I did with Claire, the co-founder of the platform, will give you a more concrete insight:

Could you describe Dream Act in a few words?

Dream Act is the web platform for responsible consumption. We propose a new vision of consumption, based on respect for people, their cultures and the protection of the environment. The Dream Team is grouped around a mission: to make you discover all the products and services to consume better and get involved in your everyday life.

In concrete terms, the Dream Act is both:

♦ an information platform on responsible consumption: what are the good ethical and ecological addresses near me? How can I make consumption choices in accordance with my values? What hides behind the multitude of existing labels?

♦ an e-shop where we make available everywhere in France the products of committed designers, who preserve the environment and improve society. Our e-shop gathers nearly 200 designers of fashion, beauty, decoration, children’s products, books and gift boxes.

Why and how did you decide to embark on this adventure?

We decided to embark on this adventure with Diane, my associate, because we realized that there was a too great gap between our aspirations for a more ethical, sustainable and supportive world and our spontaneous and poorly thought-out everyday choices. The philosophy of the Dream Act is to allow each and every one of us to make our daily choices (what we eat, what we wear, where we go out…) into actions that are as pleasant as they are consistent with our vision of the world. We had a hard time finding the tools to act on our scale, which is where the idea and desire to create the Dream Act started.

If you also want to combine your daily actions with your ideals, Dream Act is valuable advice. This period of sales is one more reason to go to have a look 😉 Don’t hesitate to come back and tell me what you think.

See you soon,