Today I would like to present you a jewelry designer from Toulouse: Carole Wiroth

The designer

At first sight, I was captured by the beauty of her contemporary jewelry that I find refined and elegant. But the designer also sets herself appart from the other jewelry designers because she truly works on the concept before creating a jewelry. This is certainly due to her former architecture studies, which promotes the creation of a concept before the creation itself. Thus, her inspiration comes from architetural masterpieces from Carlos Scarpa, Louis Kahn or Edouardo Chillida, that she then creates into a jewelry.

It is indeed easy to see the link between «Eulogy to the Horizon » from Edouardo Chillida and the ring of the same name.
Elogio del Horizonte (Eulogy to the Horizon), concrete (1989), Gijón, Spain

She has the taste for small details, and has been trained on the simplicity of design on the basis of “less is more”. According to her, to have a nice artwork, one need “a strong piece, a weak piece, and a witness that links the strong piece to the weak one”. One can find it in her work with for example the body of a ring as the strong piece, the perls as the weak pieces, and the silver bond as the witness.

Her work

Carole Wiroth makes every jewelry herself, in her workshop in Toulouse. The creation of one jewelry takes between two hours and a week, because she pays a particular attention to all the small details in the pursuit of perfection.

Every jewelry is made out of 925/1000 silver. The size of its rings goes from 49 to 62, and every model is made in small quantities.

Where to find her

You can find Carole Wiroth’s jewelry:

  • In Toulouse, at the store Trentotto, 14 Rue Paul Vidal, 31300 Toulouse
  • on her website
  • In designer’s markets nearby Toulouse

And in the event “Salon Créateurs & Artisans d’Art de Toulouse” from the 9th to the 17th of december 2017 (to be confirmed).