Last week I went to the july 2017 edition of the Berlin Fashion Week. It is an event that happens twice a year and there are many new and older brands exposing their new collection. The trade shows are mainly for fashion buyers to have a look and choose new items for their shops.

During the Berlin fashion week, a variety of events take place in different places. I opted for ‘SEEK’ and ‘ethical fashion show’.

‘ethical fashion show’ took place in Funkhaus in Berlin and centers on brands which promote ethical values such as fair and responsible production, the use of ecological material, respect of the planet and animals.
The SEEK event does not only target this kind of brand. There were brands making vegan sandals from California, french labelled Sneakers made in China, or also a German brand making 100% cotton lingerie. However I have chosen to show you two brands which respect these values, in this article.

Berlin Fashion Week was a place for me not only to discover new brands, but also to socialize with other bloggers or journalists and discuss about subjects such as ethical values.

I went to a meeting with viertel-vor and their invited speakers who were the founders of By Signe, Pinqponq, and Knowledge Cotton Apparel. The debate was about ethical values, their challenge, what we can do to promote sustainable fashion. To the question of why they chose to have a brand respecting sustainable fashion, the common answer was “feeling good about what their offer”, which means offering to the consumers a conscious choice of supporting sustainable values.

In a nutshell, it was a very nice event where I have met a quality choice of new people, brand-making or affiliated to the press who are passionate about their jobs, share the same ethical values, and acting for them.

Thank you for reading and see you soon with the post about my two favorite brands of the Berlin Fashion Week!