Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

I started this blog in March 2017 during my year off from my studies. I wanted to write about my findings regarding fashion creators, hand made products as well as natural beauty products and tips from every country I travelled to. Back in France, I got caught up in the game and decided to continue my blog and focus on what I consider as ethical fashion and lifestyle : ecological materials, a low energy production, and/or a respect of the workforce. I naturally turned myself towards this alternative, which has never been a drawback in my lifestyle, as I have always prefered quality to quantity, on top of wanting to contribute to a change of mentalities in our way of production and consumption.

This blog allows me to share with you my discoveries, my tips, my activities and my opinion on ethical fashion and lifestyle, in France as well as in other countries I travel to.

I wanted for my blog a title that refers to my way of being, and it was kind of obvious ! From my firstname Lucy, my father had invented the word “Lucyness” to point out my little eccentricities.

Now that you know more about me, I wish you a nice visit !

Lucy xXx

Crédit photos : Kajyn Sènsuafro MyVision Art

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